23 February 2014 13:47

Address of the PARTY OF REGIONS faction to compatriots


Dear compatriots!

We are experiencing one of the most difficult and tragic periods in the history of our Motherland. Ukraine is deceived and robbed, but even that is nothing compared to the grief, which dozens of Ukrainian families faced, which lost their family members on both sides of the confrontation. Ukraine is betrayed, and people were set at loggerheads. All responsibility for this lies on Yanukovych and people closest to him. We, the PARTY OF REGIONS faction in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and our party members, strongly condemn the criminal orders that led to the loss of human lives, an empty treasury, huge debts, shame in the eyes of the Ukrainian people and the world, bringing our country on the brink of abyss, threat of split and the loss of national sovereignty. Any attempts to influence the situation, to persuade the President were not heard. Party with million of members actually became a hostage of one corrupt Family.

PARTY OF REGIONS faction represents the interests of more than ten million voters in Ukraine and more than one million members.

PARTY OF REGIONS is normal, hardworking people who love their land, their people, it is industrialists, scientists, workers, doctors and teachers.

We came to Parliament to serve Ukraine and its people.

PARTY OF REGIONS states that difference of opinions, and sometimes - differences in ideology are not an obstacle to work together for the benefit of Ukraine. There are different views, but we have one goal - united, strong and independent Ukraine.

We condemn the escape and cowardice of Yanukovych.

We condemn the betrayal.

We condemn the criminal orders, which crossed up the common people, soldiers and officers.

But attempts of total intimidation and mob law, destabilization of the situation in the regions is not acceptable in a democratic society.

Dear party members!

We appeal to all of you, PARTY OF REGIONS MPs, deputies of municipal and local councils, to all the patriots of our party. We will do everything in order to protect you from those mistakes and crimes that have been made at the top.

PARTY OF REGIONS faction, which has more than a hundred MPs, continues to work for the people who trust in us and for the benefit of the whole country.